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Size matters.

Steven offers Lifetime Trade-ins on any main center diamond—like our exclusive Anita Diamond Stud earrings. Better hurry before she trades you in for a bigger stud.

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Meet the Top 10 Most Hated.

Meet the Top 10 Most Hated.

Why do guys HATE Steven’s Top 10 most popular gifts? Because after she sees one, she’ll be expecting the other nine.

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Keep her on your arm.

Surprise her with a little arm candy of her own this holiday season: diamond tennis bracelets!

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Hate free shipping?

Hate free shipping?

We didn’t think so. Hate Steven Singer all you want but he still ships for free on orders anywhere in the US.

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From the diamonds women love to the man guys love to hate, Steven Singer Jewelers is your go-to place for diamond jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings and more.

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Diamonds 101

Get Schooled by Steven

What every man needs to know about diamonds—and about hating Steven Singer.

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What every woman needs to know about diamonds—and about loving Steven Singer.

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