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A Custom Ring Journey

A beautiful 3 stoned ring above the text "George & Kim's custom ring journey."


An Anniversary Ring made with Double the Love


My name’s Stephanie, and I’m one of the Expert Jewelers here at Steven Singer Jewelers. One of my favorite things about being a jeweler is helping people create sentimental one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. The meaning and story behind each piece are what makes it truly makes it special! A lot of hard work, time, and process goes into creating the prefect custom piece. I want to share a custom jewelry journey of a long-time guest of mine. I had the pleasure of working with them, not once, but twice!

It all started back in 2019 when George wanted to get an anniversary gift for Kim, his wife. Their daughters sent pictures of what their mom loved. From that, we started crafting and designing the anniversary ring.

Kim has a love for emerald cut diamonds, and we were on a mission to find the perfect stone to fit their vision. They were looking for emerald cuts that were shallow and faced up larger compared to their standard cut. To simply put it, they were looking for something thinner and more elongated. I spent some time working with our diamond buyer and got a bunch of diamonds in to look at. Through this process, we found the perfect stone. It was a 1.25 carat emerald cut diamond that faced up like a 2 carat. It was gorgeous! Still one of my favorite diamonds we’ve ever special ordered in for a client.

Once I got the rest of the stones in to match, we made CAD images; which are computerized images of what the ring is going to look like. After George approved all the images, we then made a wax mold replica of the ring that custom fit each diamond to their exact measurements. I was then able to lay the stones in the wax mold so we could get the full picture of what the final piece would look like. Once everything was approved, we cast the ring, and made the final product. The ring was breathtaking.


image of custom white gold three stone engagement ring


It was now time for George to present it; Kim absolutely loved it! She loved it so much that when it came to upgrading the center stone, they wanted to duplicate it, just with larger stones. Once again, George reached out to start the process to re-create the ring of her dreams.

This time, just four years later, George wanted to double the diamond size. This means we were on another search for an emerald cut diamond, thin and elongated and faced up larger. This means we needed a diamond that faced up like a 4carat. We found a 3.02 carat emerald that faced up quite significantly larger than Kim’s previous diamond. It took a bit of time to find the perfect stone. Larger diamonds are rare and the ratio we were searching for took some time. But we did it! In addition to finding the stone, the custom ring process took about another 6 weeks.


Custom three stone ring on a woman's ring finger


Luckily, we saved the original wax and CAD images making this process a lot easier than the first time around. One of the benefits is we were able to compare and see the differences between the two rings. We created another wax mold for the new upgraded setting and laid the new diamonds into it. Once again, it was perfect! So, we started casting, setting and finishing the new ring.

Custom rings are the perfect way to say I Love You. And with our lifetime diamond upgrade makes it a gift that keeps saying I love you. We took the center stone (originally purchased from us) and applied the value of what George paid for the new ring. This is one of the many perks of buying a real, natural, earth-made diamond. It always holds its value.

Kim loves her new ring just as much as the first time! George was very pleased that he was able to enchant her with a one-of-a-kind piece again!

If you’re interested in a custom piece, feel free to reach out to me, Stephanie, or any of our expert Jewelers at Steven Singer. We are always here to help! You can call us in store with any questions at any time at (215) 627-3242 or you can reach me directly at ext. 384. You can always email me with any design ideas at stephanie@stevensingerjewelers.com.

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