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What is an Earth Born Diamond™?

Earth Born Diamonds™ are real, natural, diamonds that came from the earth, not a lab.

We at Steven Singer Jewelers, only carry Earth Born Diamonds™. We have never and will never sell a lab grown or synthetic diamonds. Unlike laboratory grown diamonds that hold no intrinsic value, real Earth Born Diamonds™ are always worth what you paid.  Doesn’t your real love deserve a real diamond?

What is a Natural, Earth Born Diamond™?

Natural, Earth Born Diamonds™ are REAL diamonds that came from the earth. These precious and rare stones are millions to billions of years old. They formed deep down in the mantle layer of the earth’s crust through massive amounts of heat and pressure. They were then brought to the earth's surface through a volcanic eruption. 

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Why Earth Born Diamonds™? 

The process in which real diamonds are formed is what makes them rare. Each natural diamond is unique, just like a snowflake. No diamond is alike and they are completely un-replicable. This rarity means natural diamonds hold their value and are considered an investment, similar to a house. Laboratory grown diamonds don’t hold any intrinsic value, as there is no rarity to them, and the value will continue to plummet as mass production continues to ramp up. 

Are Earth Born Diamonds™ Eco-Friendly?

The natural diamond industry is committed to being as sustainable as possible. 83% of the water used in the mining process is recycled. In addition, 99% of the extracted rocks are saved and brought back to restore the landscape when the mine is closed. 

Fact Check: The manufacturing process of a laboratory-grown diamond lasts a few weeks and is energy-intensive due to the temperatures required to grow a synthetic diamond. 60% of lab-grown diamonds are mass-produced in China and India where 63%-74% of grid electricity is generated from coal. Claims that lab-grown diamonds have a low carbon footprint is simply not true.

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Real Diamonds are for Real Love 

Earth born diamonds™ have been and always will be a unique expression of your undying love for your partner. Diamonds are forever and you wouldn’t want your loved one wearing a mass produced copy of the original. Natural diamonds show the real value of your love.

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