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Butterflies for Spring

Bug jewelry is always a way to get a bit playful with your statement pieces. During this spring-summer season why not add Butterflies to your collection? What makes for a statement better than butterfly jewelry?

Butterflies are a symbol of hope and transition. Evolve your wardrobe as we shift into the warmest months of the year.

We have butterfly jewelry for every budget:

The Silver Butterfly Diamond Ring is crafted from sterling silver. It is an elegant piece that pairs perfectly with any floral dress on a hot day.

Not a fan of rings? The Silver Sky Butterfly Diamond Necklace is the quintessential substitution. This pendant comes with both blue and black diamonds all set in sterling silver, creating a timeless addition to any assortment of gems.

Next up on the list of favorites, the Tranquil Butterfly Blue Diamond Necklace. An elevated version of the Silver Sky Butterfly, this pendant is made from 14 karat white gold and features white and blue round brilliant diamonds.

The Silver Sky Blue Emperor Butterfly Diamond Necklace is the most classic butterfly on the list. The other pieces are a bit more abstract, while this pendant has an heirloom feel to it. It is Sterling Silver with alternating blue and white diamonds.

Ready to start shopping our butterfly jewelry?

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