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Halo Rings

What are Halo Rings?

A halo ring is a ring that features a gemstone with smaller gemstones surrounding it. This can create the illusion of a larger gemstone, or the halo can be more decorative.


A Brief History:

You can trace the origin of halo rings back to Europe during the Georgian Era, which lasted from 1714 to 1837. The style remained popular through the Victorian Era, from 1837 to 1901. This was when colored gemstones were in fashion to depict the beauty of a flower. The style faded in and out of fashion after that with a resurgence during the Art Deco Era of the 1920s. Instead of depicting flowers, jewelry took on more geometric shapes to mimic city skyscrapers.

The style still remains in fashion today as a classic style, though not as popular as its prime in the 1700s.

A woman covering another mans eyes wearing a halo ring on her left hand. 
 There are different ways to have a halo!
  • A Classic Halo – the center diamond sits slightly above the halo giving it the standard flower motif.
  • Raised Halo – when the center diamond sits higher than the halo making it appear to float in the sea of diamonds below.
  • Flush Halo – when the diamond is just a smidge higher than the halo making it appear as though the diamonds are all the same height.
  • Bezel Halo – a seamless strip of metal that is fitted around the center diamond, and the halo sits at the same height.
  • Under Halo - this is the most popular style right now. It is a ring of stones hidden under the center diamond. Britney Spear’s ring has a hidden under halo.
  • Collar – a mini halo of diamonds that are exquisitely wrapped around the base to the head-section, which is more visible than the under halo.

Gigi’s Quick Tidbit on Styling!

When styling a halo engagement ring, there can sometimes be a gap between the engagement ring and the wedding band or other stackable rings. This is primarily a concern when the halo portion of the ring sits too close to the finger, so that a wedding or stackable ring cannot fit underneath, and not allow it to sit flush with the band. Most engagement rings have a wedding band style available that is designed to be a perfect match, but other wedding rings or ring jackets can be customized to go with your engagement ring. At Steven Singer Jewelers, our design team will do everything in their power to match the band of your choice to your engagement ring.


Halo Engagement Ring with Stackable Wedding Bands

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