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Heart Diamonds 101

Hearts are my favorite diamond. They’re fantastic as they are a true symbol of love! Hearts have long been used to visibly display affection for one another. It may surprise some to learn that hearts are one of the older cuts of diamonds.

A Brief History:

This history of heart diamonds dates back to the mid-15th century. In 1463, the Duke of Milan, named Galeazzo Maria Sforza, described to his confidante, Nicodemo Tranchedini di Pontremoli, how the political dynasty in Florence was similar to a heart-shaped diamond. The fully recorded story is lost to time, but this is the first mention of a heart diamond.

Later, in 1562, Mary Queen of Scots sent Queen Elizabeth a ring set with a heart-shaped diamond. Queen Mary was inspired by the Tale she had heard of Florence. This ring is the most famous heart diamond in history as it is symbolic of friendship and goodwill. Around this time, nobleman, Cardinal De Richelieu came into possession of a 20-carat diamond heart. It’s believed the diamond was gifted to him by a wealthy diamond merchant and was willed to the King as part of the royal family jewels, but this is unconfirmed.

Shortly, heart-shaped diamonds began to appear in a variety of engagement rings, both royal and not. This heart shape style of ring tends to have bursts in popularity and fades in and out every few years. If you are the owner of a heart diamond, don’t be afraid to wear it when it’s “out of style,” as it is considered a “royal” cut.

How are they Made?

Heart-Shaped diamonds are all about the symmetry. You want the two halves to be as identical as possible in shape and size. The sides of the diamond should be slightly rounded with the cleft, i.e., the point in the middle between the two rounded halves, to be as distinct as possible.

When looking to purchase a heart-shape, you really don’t want to go smaller than a 1/2carat. Anything smaller makes it difficult to see the heart shape.

Always here to help!

Hearts are a classic emblem of love. For any questions about Diamonds or anything else jewelry related, my name is Greg and I’m one of the Expert Jewelers at Steven Singer Jewelers and would love to help you. Reach out to me personally at greg@stevensingerjewelers.com or call 215-627-3242 extension 391.

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