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How Are Gold Dipped Roses Made?

gold dipped roses


Steven Singer’s famous 24 karat gold dipped roses are made of a real rose and real gold. Some may picture taking a living rose and dipping it right into liquid gold. But that would be impossible because the rose would disintegrate instantly. The process is very intricate to preserve the rose to last forever. This article walks you through how gold dipped roses are actually made.

Each rose is picked at the height of its beauty. It is then disassembled and reassembled using other stable materials by hand. The petals and leaves are connected securely to the stem. Though the roses are still fragile, this process gives it the ability to last forever. They consist of real rose petals, real rose leaves, and a real rose stem. Steven Singer Jewelers tries to make every rose look consistent but each are unique and special. This is a result of the fine craftsmanship by his skilled artisans.

The roses then undergoes a treatment where the stem and leaves become petrified. This allows the copper plating and other alloys to adhere to the rose creating a base coating. They are then finished with the beautiful gold plating, enamel, and colored lacquer that Steven Singer roses are famous for.

Real rose exposed inside Steven Singer Gold Dipped Rose


Above are images exposing the real rose inside! 

Steven Singer Jewelers adhere to the highest quality of 24k gold plated for rose production. As a result, samples from every patch is sent to independent labs to have the gold and or platinum content tested for purity and other organic materials. Additionally, Steven Singer provides pictures and videos of broken roses to expose the real rose inside. Ensuring they are true natural roses that have been preserved in the finest gold content and can withhold its purity for a lifetime.

Steven Singer has proudly been selling these signature 24 karat gold dipped roses for over four decades. Passionate collectors and fans keep coming back for the quality of workmanship as well as the top-notch customer service and lifetime guarantees. Focusing on giving every single guest the best experience is their top priority and will go above and beyond to make everyone happy. In the instance someone received a rose damaged or was dissatisfied with the product, the rose will be immediately replaced or refunded. 



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