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How to Upgrade Diamond Studs

How Do I Upgrade My Diamond Studs? 

Steven Singer Jewelers Lifetime Trade Up Logo

Great news! If you purchased a pair of diamond stud earrings from Steven Singer Jewelers, they are eligible for our Lifetime Upgrade. Steven Singer’s real, natural, Earth Born Diamond stud earrings are always worth 100% what you paid. That means, we give you exactly what you paid on your original pair towards your next upgrade.

Other jewelers will make you pay x amount more to qualify. Not at Steven Singer Jewelers. It’s simple! No fine print! We give you exactly what you paid towards your upgrade. Plus, fast and free shipping both ways! Just one of the many reasons other jewelers hate Steven Singer.

Looking to upgrade? Here’s how!

Step 1: Contact Us

Our team of real experts are ready to help via live chat, email, call, text or visit Steven Singer Jewelers’ showroom at the Other Corner of 8th and Walnut in Philly to start the process. Don’t know how much you paid for your original pair? No worries! We can easily pull up that information and help you from start to finish.

Contact Information Here

Step 2: Pay the Difference

We make it easy and simple! All you do is take what you paid (without the sales tax) for your original pair of studs and subtract it from the Perfect Price of the new pair of studs. You just pay the difference. The sales tax is applied on the amount owed and will vary depending on state tax laws.

Step 3: Return Your Original Studs

You can bring your original pair of diamond studs back to Steven Singer Jewelers’ showroom or we can provide you with a prepaid return label via mail or email to ship them back to us. 

Step 4: Receive Your New Studs

Once we receive your original studs back, we will then ship out your new pair. Allow 2-7 business days for the new diamond studs to arrive. If you need them sooner, just let us know. We have expedited shipping options available.

Want to keep it a surprise?
No problem! We are in the Love Business and the surprise business. If you’re unable to send back the original studs without them knowing, you can purchase the new pair in full and once you present the new studs, you can then send back the original studs for a refund. We will refund the difference back to your form of payment.

Can I Upgrade Half a Pair?
Of course! We understand things happen. In the unfortunate situation that a single stud is missing, you can still trade in the other. We would just take the full value you paid for the original pair and divide it in half.

Read more about our guarantee: https://www.ihatestevensinger.com/pages/the-steven-singer-guarantee

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