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Jewelry Care Guide

Keep Your Jewelry Looking Brand New!

The Do's and Don'ts Jewelry Care Guide

Do's and Don'ts for Jewelry Care 

We want to help you keep your beautiful jewelry looking like new. So we came up with a quick guide with some top do's and don'ts for jewelry care.

DO Insure Your Jewelry

We can’t stress enough how important it is to insure your jewelry. It protects your investment and provides every day peace of mind. Don’t be paranoid or always have to worry when wearing your jewelry. Get it insured. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance which specialize exclusively in jewelry.

DO Get It Cleaned and Inspected

You should get your jewelry checked and cleaned by a professional jeweler at least once a year. However, you may want to do it more frequently for jewelry you wear often or if you notice any changes in its appearance or structure. Just like a car, jewelry requires regular maintenance and inspections which will help protect your investment and ensure its longevity.

Cleaning and Repairing Steven Singer Jewelers' Jewelry

If you have purchased or received jewelry from Steven Singer Jewelers, the best place to have it cleaned, inspected, appraised, and repaired is right here with us at Steven Singer Jewelers! We have a in-house shop that works exclusively on Steven Singer Jewelers' jewelry. If you need your jewelry cleaned, or in the unlikely event that it's damaged, don't hesitate to reach out - our experts would love to help you get your jewelry looking brand new again!

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