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Are Lab Grown Diamonds Eco-friendly?

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Eco-Friendly Steven Singer Jewelers Blog Post



MYTH: Lab Grown Diamonds Are Greener Than Natural Diamonds

Laboratory made diamonds are being advertised by some jewelers as a greener option when compared to real, natural diamonds. This is a common misconception. Even though they are made in a lab, it doesn’t mean they do not have an environmental impact.

Because of the rapid growth of the lab grown diamond industry, standards and regulations to protect the environment that are in place for the natural diamond industry are not yet in place for the lab grown diamond industry.

Removing Eco-claims When Describing Lab Grown
According to the Natural Diamond Council, some manufacturers of lab created diamonds who made eco-claims could not provide proof to back it up. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reached out to multiple manufacturers warning them to not use terms like eco-friendly or sustainable when describing lab grown diamonds.

Massive Amounts of Electricity and Water Are Used to Create Lab Grown Diamonds
Real natural diamonds were made within the earth under extreme heat and pressure. To recreate that type of environment, massive amounts of energy and water are used. The Natural Diamond Council shared that up to 4.5 million gallons of fresh water are used per year in just one facility. On the other hand, over 80% of the water used to recover natural Earth Born Diamonds is recycled.

Energy and Carbon Emissions
According to the International Gem Society, producing a one carat lab grown diamond releases three times more greenhouse gases than mining a one carat polished natural Earth Born Diamond because all that energy needed comes from fossil and other non-renewable fuels.

Additionally, the majority of lab diamonds are produced in India and China where they heavily rely on coal for energy. According to the United Nations, fossil fuels like coal are the largest contributor to global climate change.

Socioeconomic Impact
The natural diamond industry supports 10 million people globally and produces $16 billion which helps countries such as Botswana, Canada, and other remote and local communities around the world.

Natural Diamonds
The natural diamond world has evolved so much from where it was. According to the International Gem Society, 99.8% of all diamonds worldwide are conflict free because of the Kimberley Process. There are many laws and strict regulations in place that make the natural diamond market more accountable and transparent. In addition, when extracting diamonds from the mine, rocks and minerals from the mine are stored on-site and then put back when the mine is closed to restore the earth to its original state.

The National Diamond Council
The National Diamond Council, just like Steven Singer Jewelers, is only passionate about real, natural diamonds. We are taking a stand against lab grown diamonds and want to educate and share the differences between lab grown and natural diamonds and their impact on the world.

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