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Radiant Cut Diamonds 101

What is a Radiant Cut?

A Brief History:

In the 1970s, jeweler Henry Grossbard was on a mission to combine the beauty of an emerald cut with a round brilliant. After working for 30-years as a diamond cutter, Grossbard had the idea to feature the elongated elegance of an emerald cut with all the sparkle factor of a round brilliant cut diamond. It was through his years of experience and work that the radiant cut was born. The radiant diamond is known for its rectangular, emerald-like shape, but they can also come in a more square-like shape resembling a cushion cut.

How do Cushion Cut Diamonds differ from Square Cut Radiants?

A cushion cut diamond carries a significant amount of its weight in the middle. A radiant cut diamond had structure similar to a princess cut, which means that a radiant will also face up larger than a traditional square cushion cut diamond. A Radiant is called a "cut cornered square modified brilliant" and a princess is a "square modified brilliant." A diamond has two classification when it comes to kind of cut, a brilliant verses a step cut. This tells us if it has shine vs sparkle.

How do Radiant Cut Diamonds differ from an Emerald Cut Diamond?

Emerald is a step-cut. Step-cuts are designed to make a diamond shine like clear-cut glass, meaning they are usually found in a higher clarity range, since inclusions are more visible. Radiant cuts have a facet structure similar to a round brilliant, so they are designed to sparkle! If you love an Emerald cut diamond, but LOVE the sparkle of a round brilliant, then a Radiant is the perfect compromise. You’ll have all the sparkle with the shape of a classic cut emerald diamond.

What is a step-cut?
Pictured here is our head of merchandizing, Lena’s, engagement ring. Her center diamond is a traditional elongated radiant cut. It is set into an illusion bezel solitaire with claw prongs. Note: Lena’s ring is a custom piece. [Read about custom rings!]
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