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Round Diamonds Are Forever A Classic

Celebs Spotted With A Timeless Look

Engaged or not, the round diamond rock spotted on Sydney Sweeney’s finger, star of Euphoria and White Lotus, is an ode to the classic style. Round cut diamonds have been the staple since the beginning of the engagement ring. The paparazzi photos caught Sweeney wearing the ring while out and about, and zooming in it looks to be a large round brilliant solitaire, truly iconic.

Britney Spears' recent engagement to long term boyfriend, Sam Asghari, also empathized the classic look that’s here to stay. Her ring is a 4 carat round brilliant diamond set in a traditional four prong solitaire setting. Prongs are what hold the center diamond in place. The tips of the prongs are in a newer fashion called claw prongs which have a ‘V’ like point hence the name claw. It is a way to give a fresh look to a timeless style. The diamond is set in a basket with a cathedral setting, which gives the diamond a floating look in a sea of glitz. The ring is reported to be set in platinum, which white in color and a heavier metal.

This is our popular "Christa" ring. It's part of our “Ready For Love” engagement rings which are ready to go. Each diamond is hand selected by our Expert Jewelers to ensure the best quality at the best value. The Christa is a classic six prong solitaire with center diamond options that range from ½ carat to 2 carats. This is an affordable alternative to Britney’s custom piece. You can choose between 14 karat white, yellow or rose gold which is durable and perfect for everyday wear.

We also have a large selection of loose certified diamonds and Experts to help customize and style your dream ring. Whether it's a solitaire or a halo, there's nothing we can't do. If you want to learn more about diamonds or join us for a free diamond education, please contact us to get set up with one of our Expert Jewelers. No matter what stage of the engagement ring buying process you are in, we are here to help you find the perfect diamond to fit your budget.

Already Have A Classic Solitaire?

Here’s what to pair it with:

A round diamond ring styled with stacked solitaire rings
A round diamond styled engagement ring paired with a sparkley wedding band.
A glistening round classic diamond ring on a woman's ring finger

3) A Classic Band:

Want to keep things classic?

Nothing is more effortless than pairing you classic ring with a solid gold band. This is always the perfect match to a solitaire setting and a great choice for anyone who shies away from too much glamour.

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