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Summer Proposals

Getting engaged is a truly unique experience for every couple; it is a once in a lifetime moment. - Ashley C Jeweler at Steven Singer Jewelers

Here are our top spots to get engaged this summer in Philadelphia:

1) Philadelphia's Magic Gardens 

Located on South Street, the Magic Gardens is a Philadelphia institution. It has both indoor and outdoor galleries, adorned with unique mosaics by Isaiah Zagar. allowing you to soak up the summer heat. Philly is known as the “Mural Capital of the World.” Inside the gardens, you'll be surrounded by colorful, dazzling mosaics, making it the perfect backdrop to pop the question!

2) Chinese Lantern Festival

In the heart of the city is our fabulous Chinatown. Every summer there is the Chinese Lantern Festival that runs the entire month of July. There is nothing more scenic than getting engaged under these dreamy lights of handcrafted Chinese Lanterns.

3) Rodin Museum

The grounds of the Rodin are free to get into and not only feature sculptures by iconic sculptor Auguste Rodin, but a lush curated garden. The garden at the Rodin will be in full bloom and the fountain at its center will be overflowing with joy for you as you get engaged at this dreamy spot.

4) Cira Green

Finished in 2015, this city urban greenspace overlooks downtown Philadelphia. This amazing space will offer a beautiful backdrop of the city’s skyline, the perfect accent for any Philly engagement photo op.

5) Phillies’ Game

Everyone loves a classic sports engagement. Have your big moment blasted on the animatron for everyone to enjoy the special moment with you! This is the perfect spot for any sports obsessed couple that loves the Phillies.

6) A Place Special to You! -

Don’t be afraid to get romantic. This is your engagement after all! Make it special by picking a place that has a meaning for you both. This will empathize just how much your relationship means to you and sharing your engagement story will be just that much more special

Once you've picked a place and a date, you just need a ring!

We at Steven Singer Jewelers are happy to help you find the perfect ring for your engagement or to give you some expert advice on what to look for when shopping. We have rings for every budget! Simply schedule an appointment to get started today!

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