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What are Step Cut Diamonds?

Step Cuts: A Symbol of Elegance


The 1920's Are Back!

The most popular diamond shape of the Art Deco Era was the step cut.

The Emerald Cut Diamond was first introduced in the 1920's. It became very popular during the Art Deco period because of the clean lines and symmetry. This style is perfect for those who are looking for a more antique look and feel.

A woman showing a step cut diamond ring giving an antique look.
A close up of a diamond ring with a step cut diamond.
Tweezers holding up a beautiful step cut diamond ring with multiple stones.

Classic Choice! 

If you’re set on having a classic round brilliant diamond, consider an emerald or baguette wedding band. You can mix and match stones. Or consider them for side stones. Flanking any center stone with trapezoidal baguettes, which are tapered baguettes, gives any ring old Hollywood glamour. They can compliment every cut center diamond. 

Paris Hilton is a recent example of someone wearing the old school style. Her Emerald is tension set in a band with two shield (ie baguette) stones. Paris, while a symbol of new money, actually comes from old money, it is no surprise her ring is an ode to the classic style.  

For more information on the cut of diamonds, read our comprehensive blog post on Cut, one of the four C's of diamonds!


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