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What is a Divorce Ring?

I’ve ditched my bridal set, but now what? Divorce rings have become increasingly more popular in the last few years as a way of transition during major life change.

What are Divorce Rings?

Divorce rings are bands selected by you to bring you joy during a difficult time. These rings can help with that phantom feeling of something missing on that finger. There is also no rule for these bands. They can be whatever style you want. These rings will help you find closure to what has been an extremely important chapter of your life.

What finger do you wear a divorce ring on?

As mentioned before, there are no rules to divorce rings. This “trend” came into existence to help you feel happy and confident as you move forward. You could wear your ring on the fourth finger of your left hand, this is the spot you would have worn your engagement and wedding rings on. This ring is all about a fresh start, so you could wear it on your right hand. This will help prevent it from being mistaken as a wedding ring but still have the same effect. Ultimately, it is your choice. Getting this ring is about making you feel physically and emotionally comfortable.

What style is a divorce ring?

A divorce ring is whatever style you want. These rings are designed to symbolize the next chapter of your life, by putting YOU at the center of this story. This ring is a symbol of closure and announces that you are ready to face the rest of your life head-on.

We, at Steven Singer, have put together a helpful guide to divorce rings we have seen others choose for themselves:

1) A Plain Band

A plain band style divorce ring with the engraving "Stay Strong" on it.

A simple plain gold is an easy timeless look. This style is so popular because it is easy to engrave a message just for you on the inside or outside of the band.

Popular Mantras:
  • Just Breathe
  • Stay Strong
  • Don’t Look Back
  • Yes, I Can
  • Inhale, Exhale


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2) A “Broken Ring”

An alternate divorce ring style shown on a woman's hand.


These rings have a gap in them. This is symbolic of a new phase and a broken relationship. The space in the middle is a creative way to show the space you now have in moving forward for yourself.

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3) Upcycling Your Engagement and Wedding Ring

It is very popular to take the diamonds from your engagement and wedding ring and turn them into a custom cocktail ring. This ring will be designed specifically for you and will be the perfect way to make something beautiful as you put the past behind you and move towards newer and better things.

A Steven Singer Customer Journey:

One of our customers wore the Izzie white diamond wedding band during her marriage, but when that relationship ended and she started a new chapter she chose to embrace the same design with a twist. Now she has the Izzie black diamond band! She was able to take advantage of Steven’s Love Guarantee. What if things go south for your relationship? You can’t return a ring due to a broken heart or at least you can’t elsewhere! For 365 days from your purchase, Steven is adding his Love Guarantee in addition to your purchased guarantee, so you can return the item in exchange for FULL credit to Steven Singer Jewelers if things just don’t work out. Steven’s 3-year plan provides exceptional coverage for your purchase backed by the Jewelers Mutual Group’s JM Care Plan. She used her store credit to exchange her original wedding band for a style that fit her new lifestyle! We hear she’s loving her new band as she enjoys her next chapter.

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While Divorce Rings are a new concept, they are quickly becoming a symbol of a way to move on from this period in your life. We hope this little guide has helped you at the end of this significant chapter in your life.

If you have any questions, we at Steven Singer are here to help! You can contact us at any time at (215) 627-3242. Or you can come to visit us in-store by scheduling an appointment.

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