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What is a Toi et Moi Ring?

Guns & Diamonds are Toi Et Moi

Megan Fox is engaged to Machine Gun Kelly, and he popped the question with a two stone ring. The two 7ct pears interlock to form a heart. The sharp edges of the band evoke imagery of thorns or snake fangs. Each stone is set into its own band that is magnetized together so they can be worn separately. The two pear shaped stones, an emerald for Megan Fox’s birthstone and a diamond for Machine Gun Kelly, were specially cut in elongated shapes to exaggerate the heart/thorn mystique. This ring brings back into fashion the ‘Toi Et Moi.’

The most famous two stone ring to date was worn by Jackie Kennedy, which also was a diamond and emerald pairing.

What is ‘Toi Et Moi’ or a ‘You and Me’ ring?

Typically, it is an engagement ring made with you and your partner’s birthstones. Sometimes people opt for two different shaped diamonds instead, since some birthstones aren’t practical for everyday wear. Diamonds are the most durable stone of all.

Ariana Grande also got engaged recently. Her toi et moi ring has a diamond and a pearl set into a simple yellow gold band. Pearls are extremely soft and not the most durable for everyday wear. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth making them ideal for your engagement ring and everyday wear.

The most unique thing about a ring with two stones is that it is one of a kind. Diamonds are already one-of-a-kind pieces, as no two diamonds are the same, so why not add a little extra special something by making it a two stone ring? You can also mix and match diamond shapes to represent you and your partner, or even get two different colored stones.

This picture represents two diamonds on a ring one being a classic white diamond and the other being a whiskey colored diamond.

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