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What is Diamond Fluorescence?

A diamond fluorescence is when a diamond emits a luminescent glow when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. It will most likely appear in various intensities of blue but can also glow in a variety of other colors. Approximately 1/3 of all diamonds display some degree of fluorescence.

Is It Good or Bad?

Some people believe that fluorescence in a diamond is a bad thing and can make the diamond appear cloudy or oily. That may be true in some rare cases but in reality, according to GIA, less than 0.2% of diamonds with fluorescence exhibit this type of negative effect.

GIA did a study to see if trained diamond graders and industry professionals could detect fluorescence with the naked eye. Their results showed that they could not actually tell if a stone had fluorescence when looking at it face up. They could only see small signs of fluorescence with colorless to near colorless stones which has a very strong blue fluorescence. Therefore, you cannot visibly see fluorescence in most diamonds

GIA considers fluorescence as a characteristic and not as a grading factor. Their reports identify each diamond with either a none, faint, medium, strong, or very strong fluorescence The image above shows the GIA breakdown of fluorescence intensities. Pretty cool, right?

How to Tell if a Diamond Has Fluorescence?

It might be shocking to see a diamond glow for the first time especially if that person is not aware that their diamond has fluorescence. Like mentioned before, a diamond with fluorescence will glow when exposed to UV light. For example, getting nails done, spin class or when at a club with UV lights, diamonds may glow. Jewelers have heard all the rumors such as if a diamond glows its not as pure or it might not even be real. But do not worry if this happens, it just means the diamond emits some level of fluorescence.

Many employees at Steven Singer Jewelers where their center diamond in their engagement ring has strong blue fluorescence. There’s no hating on fluorescence here! For instances, diamonds that are slightly yellow in color that have a strong blue fluorescence can actually make the diamond appear whiter. Not too bad of a trade off, huh?

The stigma about fluorescence is bittersweet. They are considered less desirable in the diamond market. But that could be great news! That means there are beautiful stones with fluorescence for a lot less money. Many people miss out on a perfectly gorgeous diamond at a lesser price because of the mere existence of fluorescence. But in reality, people buy diamonds with their eyes. So keep an open mind when looking at diamonds. Don’t rule out fluorescence because if you don’t see the difference why pay the difference.

If you have have any questions about fluorescence or need help finding the perfect diamond, Steven Singer Jewelers has a team of real Expert Jewelers ready to help. Real people, real experts, real diamonds. Contact us today!

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