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Why Are The Holidays A Good Time To Get Engaged?

Make this holiday season one to remember!

Romantic winter proposal while it's snowing

The Holiday season is one of the most popular times for engagements. On the fence whether or not to propose before the end of the year? Here are some top reasons on why the holidays are the perfect time to bookmark that special moment.

Celebratory Atmosphere

Holidays are often associated with a festive and joyous atmosphere. People are in a celebratory mood, which can create an ideal setting for a proposal. The decorations, music, and general sense of merriment can add to the magic of the moment.

Gathering of Loved Ones 

Many holidays bring family and friends together. A proposal during a holiday can allow you to share the joyous occasion with your loved ones, making it even more memorable. Having your nearest and dearest present can enhance the experience.


Holidays carry symbolic meanings. For example, Christmas represents love, giving, and new beginnings, making it a meaningful time to get engaged. New Year's symbolize fresh starts and resolutions, aligning well with the idea of beginning a new chapter in your life.


For most, the holidays provide an extended period of time off work for both partners, allowing time for the proposal and time to celebration. Soak up the moment and maybe even take a mini-vacation.

Surprise Factor

Proposing during a holiday can be a wonderful surprise for your partner. They may not expect such a surprise on a holiday associated with other gift giving and festivities. It could make the moment even more magical.

Creating Lifelong Memories

Getting engaged during a holiday can create a lasting memory that is intertwined with the holiday itself. Every year when the holiday comes around, you'll have an extra reason to celebrate and reminisce about your engagement.

Photography and Videos

There are tons of holiday romance movies because it is truly the most romantic time to of year. The lights, decoration and holiday vibes elevate the magic in the air for the ultimate proposal. Plus, proposing during a gathering with friends and family gathering can result in more photos and videos capturing the special moment.

Ease of Planning

It's the easiest time of year because most places are already done up in decorations giving a beautiful scenic backdrop for the proposal. Many venues and event planners are accustomed to organizing engagements during holidays, making it easier to plan.


Personal Significance

For many couples, certain holidays hold personal significance. It could be the day they first met, their first date, or the anniversary of their relationship. Proposing on such a date can add extra meaning to the moment.

While holidays can be a wonderful time to get engaged, it's important to ensure that the timing aligns with your partner's preferences and expectations. Some people may prefer a more private or unique proposal outside of the holiday seasons. Ultimately, the best time to get engaged is one that is meaningful and special to you and your partner.

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