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Why Is Steven Singer Giving Away FREE Lab Grown Diamonds?

*This campaign has ended as of December 31st, 2023*

Steven Singer would NEVER sell a lab grown diamond but he WILL give them away! Just to show how worthless they really are. The real question you should be asking is why are other jewelers charging so much for them? 

Steven Singer Free Lab Grown Diamonds Billboard

You may have seen the free diamond billboards, heard it on the radio, or seen it on TV that Steven Singer is giving away FREE lab grown diamonds. Steven Singer is doing what no other jeweler has done before, he’s giving a full one carat lab grown diamond away with the purchase of any real, natural, Earth Born Diamond engagement ring. Free is the most he'll ever charge for a lab grown diamond. Whether it's $500, $1,500, or $15,000, Steven will give you a one carat lab grown diamond for FREE just to prove how worthless they really are. 

In Steven Singer’s opinion, lab grown diamonds are not real diamonds! Lab grown diamonds have been trending in the jewelry industry for the past few years. While other jewelers jumped to sell them just to make a buck, Steven has always stayed true to what he stands for.

“It’s never been about the chemical composition of a diamond or the internal structure of a diamond. It’s about the millions to billions of years that formed something truly special. It’s about the rarity of a real natural Earth Born Diamond and what it symbolizes. Similar to how there isn’t more beachfront property, there’s not going to be more Earth Born Diamonds.” - Steven Singer

Don’t be fooled by lab grown diamonds. Other jewelers will try and sell you that they are the same as a natural diamond just cheaper. They are worth less for a reason where soon they will be worthless! The value of lab grown diamonds keeps plummeting because they can make unlimited amounts. Unlike real natural diamonds, which are rare and special, have intrinsic value which increases over time. Laboratory diamonds are made in just a few weeks whereas real natural diamonds were made within the earth millions to billions of years ago.

Think of it like this. Let’s say you purchased a 1.50 carat lab grown diamond for $10,500 in 2016 when a natural diamond of similar quality was around $12,500. That lab grown diamond is now being sold for around $1,500 or less. So did you save $2,000 or waste $10,500?

Steven Singer Jewelers will never sell something we wouldn’t feel proud having our moms, wives, daughters, or a loved one wearing. We believe in the diamonds we sell and stand behind every real, natural Earth Born Diamond with the Best Guarantee In the Business and a full value Lifetime Upgrade on center diamonds, diamond stud earrings, and solitaire pendants. That’s just one of the many reasons why other jewelers hate Steven Singer!


B Ben

He Steve I want to propose to my gf but rings are so expensive looking for a engagement ring to look great for now until I get enough cash to get a nicer one

J Jill B Lafferty

I’ll take a free diamond.

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