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William Way Community Center Donation

Steven Singer gives back by donation a portion of each Rainbow 24karat gold and platinum dipped rose sold to the William Way Community Center in Philadelphia.

Despite all the HATE for Steven Singer, Steven has lots of LOVE to give! He is truly passionate about supporting local charities and non profit organizations. Over the years, Steven has donated over a million dollars in direct donations including 9/11, animal welfare, healthcare and children charities. We can now add the William Way Community Center to that list.

Steven Singer Jewelers donating check to William Way Community Center

Steven Singer Jewelers is in the Love Business and has been celebrating ALL LOVE for nearly five decades. He wanted to show his support for the LGBTQIA+ community not just during Pride Month but all year long by taking a portion of each Rainbow 24karat gold or platinum dipped rose and donating it to the William Way Center. 

About William Way

The William Way Community Center has been serving the LGBTQIA+ community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 1975. They organize networking and social events, host counseling and support services, showcase art exhibits, and is a safe place for the LGBTQIA+ people. They are in the process of taking on the massive project of rebuilding their current space to expand and become more assessable.

Visit William Way Website
Learn More About their Expansion Project

Thank you! 

We want to thank the William Way Community Center for having and showing us around their incredible facility. We also want to thank everyone who purchased a Rainbow Rose this past year. $5,000 was donated to this amazing center. It would not be possible without you!

Even though this promotion has ended, we are always supporting and looking for other opportunities to help spread the LOVE and support local charities and other incredible organizations. 

Contact Us

Have a charity in mind? Contact or email us at ssj@stevensingerjewelers.com 

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