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Lesbian Proposal Guide

How to Buy an Engagement Ring 101

You’re a Lesbian and you want to buy an engagement ring; what are the next steps? Congratulations! You’ve found your person! You want to let the whole world know you’re in love and will be spending the rest of your lives together. Where to start? Here is our proposal guide to help you get moving:

Step 1: 

Talk about it!

Nothing is better than communicating about what you and your partner want for your future. You can casually slip it into the conversation by having a movie night streaming Jenny’s Wedding. While the proposal aspect of the story is lacking, the romance of these two characters will have you and your partner talking about your potential nuptials.

Chatting about your future together is a good way to gauge if this is the right time for you and your partner to talk about the next step.

Two young lady's at our store looking at a diamond with tweezers.

Step 2:

An important thing to consider is if you both want an engagement ring. Save the conventional, there are no rules when it comes to engagement ring shopping.

How much should you spend?

The average amount spent on an engagement in the United States is ten thousand dollars. When you have two rings to buy a more realistic budget will be five thousand per ring. Whatever you choose to spend, there is a multitude of ring options for any budget.

The average price spent on an engagement ring in the lesbian community is around two thousand dollars. The outdated idea of spending three months' salary on a ring doesn’t apply today. Just spend what you’re comfortable with. The ring is purely a symbol of your love and commitment, which there is no equal value to.

A woman in a pink dress in disbelief of her significant other's proposal.

Step 3:

You know for sure that getting engaged is the right move for you and your partner. You now have a budget, and the next step is to start shopping!

Take your partner's ring shopping with you. This helps you not have to make any guesses on what they may or may not love.

Hot Tip: Start a Pinterest Board Together

OR if you want to keep it a surprise, bring a friend or a family member. Involving your community will only reinforce your choice.

 A pretty one stone yellow gold engagement ring.

If you want a little Diamonds 101 education before stepping into our store, you can read everything you need to know about diamonds here:

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At the end of the day, just be honest with yourself during the buying process. Getting married is a big commitment. The ring is only a small part of your story together.

 Ready to start shopping?

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