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What about a REAL diamond makes it so special?

The value of a natural diamond derives from its rarity as a finite, natural gem. This rarity and finiteness make natural diamonds valuable. Natural diamonds are formed by the heat and pressure of the Earth, from 1 to 3 billion years ago, making a natural diamond the oldest thing you will ever touch.

Think about the significance of your favorite piece of diamond jewelry, or, better yet, your engagement ring. The diamond in an engagement ring represents the rarity and exclusivity of the couple’s love.

I couldn’t look anyone in the eye and sell them a product that costs them thousands of dollars that I know will be worthless in a couple years. I’ve never sold lab grown diamonds and I never will.

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Steven Singer
Price evolution of natural vs lab grown diamonds graph indicating lab grown diamonds are steadily decreasing in value rapidly
What is a lab grown diamond anyway?

Lab grown diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds, are similar in chemical make-up to natural diamonds, but are mass produced using electricity, machinery, and a massive amount of energy.

Since lab grown diamonds have hit the market, they keep rapidly plummeting in value. When you can make unlimited amounts of something overtime to be worth less, they become worthless. Over the last 35 years, natural diamonds have shown to appreciate in price by about 3% on average every year.

Who is Steven Singer, anyway?

Meet the man everyone loves to hate! You've seen the billboards, but why all this hate for our man, Steven? Well, Steven isn't in the jewelry business, he's in the love business, so he's willing to do what other jewelers aren't. But how did a kid with a part-time job selling gold chains grow up to turn the jewelry industry on it's head? And why do people hate him, anyway?

Steven has been in the love business for nearly five decades. He built a business on selling products he believes in, at a fair price, with no tricks, that celebrate real love.

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