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A Visual Guide to Diamond Studs by Carat Weight

Steven Singer’s Beginner's Guide to Diamonds Stud Earrings

At Steven Singer Jewelers, we have REAL, Natural, Earth Born Diamond Studs in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. It is important to us that we have options for everyone! 

Diamond studs are a top gift and a gift that keeps on giving. The best part about our studs is our famous lifetime upgrade program! That means you can trade in your original diamond studs anytime and get exactly what you paid towards your next pair. Your real diamonds are always worth what you paid at Steven Singer Jewelers. Just keep that in mind when shopping for studs, you have the option to upgrade later. Plus, it makes future gift giving easy.  

Already have a pair of Steven Singer Diamond Studs you'd like to upgrade? Contact us!

Studs are sold by carat weight. Carat weight is the weight of a diamond. Typically, the larger the carat weight, the larger the stud. Studs are also sold in pairs by carat total weight meaning both studs combined equals that carat total weight. For example, if you have a pair of 1 carat total weight studs, each stud is a ½ carat making the pair a full 1 carat.  

Now, what does that look like? We took our top selling classic Anita Diamond Studs to show you what they look like in the ear as well as next to a dime to help you get an idea of size.  

Our classic Anita collection begins at 1/4 carat total weight:  

A woman showing a size comparison on our 1/4 carat Anita diamond studs.

The next size up is 1/3 carat total weight:  

1/3 carat studs compared to a dime

Take it another size up to a 3/8 carat total weight

3/8 carat diamond studs size shown compared to ear.

Now to the 1/2 carat total weight. This is where most people start really seeing a difference in size:

 1/2 carat studs compared to a dime

Going another size up to the 3/4 carat total weight

3/4 carat diamond studs compared to ear.

Now for the full 1 carat total weight

 1 carat diamond studs compared to dime.

Our Anita Collection doesn't end at just 1carat total weight, we carry the collection up to 2ctw. We also have a selection of larger diamond studs that are not available online. 

Don't see a size or shape you were looking for? Schedule an appointment or consult one of our Expert Jewelers to start shopping today! They can help you design a custom pair of studs perfect for you!

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