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Jewelry Safety 101

The Dos and Don’ts when being out and about with your Engagement Rings. 

Just got engaged? Not sure how to navigate your day to day with your new ring? We at Steven Singer Jewelers, are here to help!


1) Get it insured!

This is the first thing you should do after receiving your ring, if it is not yet insured. This is the most important jewelry safety tip we have as accidents are unpredictable. Insurance covers theft, loss, extreme damage and mysterious disappearance. Insurance is different than a warranty. A warranty covers normal wear and tear. It’s similar to car insurance vs car warranty. We all know things can happen, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

If you’re looking for recommendations on where to get your jewelry insured, check out Jewelers Mutual. They only do jewelry insurance and are easy to work with. You can also check with your homeowner's insurance or other jewelry insurance plans.

2) Flip It!

When you’re walking down the street or traveling, a good tip if you don’t feel safe is to flip your rings upside down. This means facing your diamonds to the inside of your hand so the bottom of the ring in on up. You can even make a fist to really cover up your diamonds. Thieves look for nice jewelry, so stay safe and don’t be a target.

3) Take Your Jewelry Off!

Engagement rings are a symbol of your attachment to each other, and while we may love our rings, it is not recommended to wear them all the time. Just remember, when you are not wearing your jewelry, store it in a safe and secure place to ensure the utmost jewelry safety. Here are some tips on when NOT to wear your jewelry.

- Yard Work

If you’re working in the dirt and outside with your hands, we recommend taking it off. It not only keeps it clean but can also help prevent other damage to the ring.

- Gym

Weightlifting and other strenuous gym activities can bend, smush and damage rings. If you’re heavy lifting, please just take your rings off. Remember, store your jewelry in a safe and secure spot and do not just leave it in your gym bag. This is top stop where people lose their jewelry.

- Swimming / Beach

Too much salt water and chlorine are not good for your jewelry. It’s strongly recommended to take it off when swimming. On top of it not being good for your jewelry, the chance of losing a piece is higher when in water. When your fingers are cold, they tend to shrink making rings fit looser. And even the strong force of waves can sweep your beautiful jewelry away. Just look at Kim Kardashian who lost her diamond studs when she was tossed into the water. The ocean currents eat countless sunglasses each year, don’t add your jewelry to the list.

- In Bed

It is also recommended to remove your jewelry at night when you’re sleeping. Blankets strings can get caught on prongs and pull-out diamonds. This helps prolong the integrity of your rings and prevent any unknown damage.

- Traveling

If you don’t feel safe travelling or going somewhere with your jewelry, leave it at home.


If you have any questions or need recommendations on how to keep your jewelry safe, please reach out to us! We’re always here to help!



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