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What NOT to do During a Best Man Speech

Congratulations! You received the title of Best Man and along with that title comes a Best Man Speech. We've all heard some exceptional speeches along with some cringe worthy ones. The only thing worst than watching someone bomb on their speech in front of a wedding crowd is being that person. With that being said, don't be that person! Here are the top 10 things NOT to do during a best man speech.

10. DON'T Wing It

You have plenty of time before the wedding to prep for this speech so don't just wing it. Jot down stories, thoughts, and ideas of what you want to say. You've heard the saying before, practice makes perfect. So make sure to practice your speech out loud in front of a mirror or with someone.

9. DON'T Forget About The Bride

Remember to mention the bride during the speech. A simple way to do so is to tell her how beautiful she looks and emphasize on her best qualities. Just keep your comments positive and complimentary when mentioning the bride because let's face it! It's only the biggest day of her life.

8. DON'T Dis Marriage

This is a wedding! The couple literally just got married so don't dis on their marriage. Just stay away from anything negative about taking this next step. This is a day of celebrating them and their new beginning.

7. DON'T Make Fun of the Bride

Every bride dreams about their wedding day their whole entire life. Do NOT make fun of her. Keep on the path of only sharing nice things when talking about the bride. This is her day so make her only feel loved and special.

6. DON'T Ugly Cry

There's a difference between shedding a tear and ugly crying. Everyone can agree, it is very uncomfortable when someone can't stop crying. The guests are there to have a good time and not watch you cry so keep your speech up beat and happy.

5. DON'T Make It About You

The night is not about you even though the mic is in your hand. It's about the beautiful couple so keep the focus and attention on them. The guests are there for the newlyweds and not to listen to you talk about yourself.

4. DON'T Get Drunk

It's understandable if you need a drink or two to take the edge off before the big speech but don't get sloshed. You don't want to be up there slurring your words or making a fool out of yourself. Just remember there's still time to party hard after your speech.

3. DON'T Swear

A wedding is full of friends, family and sometimes young children. The bride’s grandma and cousin might not appreciate the bad language. So just stay clear of dropping F-bombs and other top tier swear words.

2. DON'T Tell Offensive Jokes

Do not be offensive, tell dirty jokes or even inside jokes. The worst thing you can do is offend the bride, groom or their families. Inside jokes can also be awkward when no one else in the room gets it. Some jokes are fine but a best man speech isn't a comedy show. It is best to just avoid dirty, offensive and inside jokes.

1. DON'T Talk About the Ex.

This is a no brainer and the worst thing you can do during a best man speech! Do NOT talk about the ex in anyway! Keep the past in the past especially when the groom's present and future is sitting right there.

So those are the top 10 things NOT to do during a Best Man Speech. If you still have a question, need a second opinion, or just want a friend to practice with, the Steven Singer Jewelers family is here for you!

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