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When should you buy your wedding bands?

We often hear how much we should spend on our weddings, and there are tons of checklists to make sure you have something for your wedding day, but when exactly should you buy your wedding bands?

Wedding band shopping may seem like an easy task to push to the bottom of the list, but you should never wait until the last minute. It may seem tempting with everything else there is to do, but it can actually take five to six weeks to get bands made in your perfect size.

Six months before your date is ideal to start ordering your wedding bands.

This way you have enough time to get the style you want in your perfect fit, with some wiggle room, especially if you end up needing any additional size adjustments. Come the big day, you want your rings to fit!

Looking to see what rings can be sized or not?
Check out this piece by fellow Expert Jeweler, Greg.

Another Note on Sizing: Many of our alternative bands are made to fit and cannot be sized by our bench jewelers. If you are looking for a nongold style for your big day, be sure to allow for a lead time. Account for the fact that you may be in a larger size range, which will limit options – either way we will find something you will love!

Shopping early also allows time for customization. Remember it takes five to six weeks to get in styles we already make. Factor in a bit more time for custom pieces.

Want to know what goes into custom pieces?

What happens if it comes in and you don’t LOVE it?

Good news! We at Steven Singer Jewelers are committed to making your day perfect. Ordering early allows time to swap out your ring for something you will love, if the first time wasn’t the charm. That's why we have the best guarantee in the business! We want to help the vision you have for your perfect day become a reality.

For any questions about wedding bands or anything else jewelry related, my name is Mandy and I’m one of the Expert Jewelers at Steven Singer Jewelers and would love to help you. Reach out to me personally at Mandy@stevensingerjewelers.com or call 215-627-3242 extension 405. Always here to help!

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