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Fashion Rings

Rings are NOT just for Engagements! 

When we think of rings, generally our first thought is engagement rings. While engagement rings are considered one of the most important rings we will ever wear, aside from our wedding bands, they are not the only rings we will ever wear.  

Fashion Rings are exactly how they sound. They are stylish rings to be worn every day, and on any finger.  

At Steven Singer Jewelers, we rounded up our favorite statement making rings for everyday wear: 
This is our diamond genesis ring in white gold.
Our glistening Lulu diamond fashion ring.
Our fashionable 5 stone halo ring!

Lovella 5 Stone Halo

This 5-Stone halo diamond band is the perfect addition to any stack. It is also large enough to be worn on its own. Halos are a style that will never go out of fashion, as who doesn’t want their diamonds to look larger? 

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Our zara diamond fashion ring that can also be stacked with other rings.
A similar but more subtle version of the genesis ring, the Entwine fashion ring.


Love the look of the Genesis Diamond Ring? Here is a more subtle version. The entwined diamond band is chunky enough to make a statement, while still being perfect for the office. 

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Our criss cross ring is a more simple fashion ring, this one is in yellow gold.

Here to Help! 

We here are Steven Singer are fans of building a jewelry collection you can grow with. All these pieces are perfect additions to any collection or are a great place to start! 

Looking to Start Shopping? Or have a different style you’re looking for? 

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