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J. Lo the Queen of Engagement Rings

Jennifer Lopez has dazzled us all with not one, but six different engagement rings. The sensation of her first engagement to Ben Affleck is being followed by an even more anticipated sequel. He first proposed to her with a 6.1 carat fancy pink diamond from Harry Winston and set off a trend for colored diamonds that still lasts to this day.

Jennifer Lopez announced her second engagement to Affleck on Instagram revealing a vivid fancy 8.5 carat green diamond on her finger. The green, she says, is a symbol of luck. Diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow, but green and red diamonds rank among the rarest. The color of these stones is usually faint, but J. Lo’s is a bright green, which makes it that much more priceless.

The diamond has been shaped into a cushion. Cushion cut diamonds are a status symbol in and of themselves as they carry a lot of weight on the bottom and top of the diamond like a loaf of bread. This gives the diamond the appearance of being smaller than it actually is, and as we all know, the larger the diamond, the more dollar signs. Cushion cuts were designed to carry their weight in the bottom to maximize brilliance.

Picture Here is the Miranda, one of our "Ready for Loves," with a Yellow Cushion Diamond center.

Due to the cut of the diamond, in photos it looks smaller than it actually is. When compared with her 8.5 carat blue diamond from Harry Winston (given to her by ex-hubby Marc Anthony), in what appears to be a square radiant cut, it doesn’t look like they weigh the same, but looks are often deceiving.

Rings like J. Lo’s usually sit in museums, private collections, or on the bodies of royals. Affleck and J. Lo have surmounted themselves as entertainment royalty and we at Steven Singer Jewelers wish them luck on part two of their story.

For those interested, J. Lo’s pink diamond was estimated to be 1.2million and her current green diamond is estimated to be a staggering 5 to 8million dollars. By comparison her 8.5 carat blue diamond is only valued at 4million, making this her most expensive engagement ring to date, and also empathize just how important the Four Cs are when it comes to diamond grading.

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