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What Rings Can Be Sized?

Here is our comprehensive ring sizing guide to help you through your search:

A lady's hand with 2 beautiful diamond rings on them.

Rings that CAN be sized: 

Precious Metals

Most precious metal rings can be sized. Precious metals are considered platinum, golds, and sterling silver. Pricing on sizing will vary on the type of metal, how much the ring needs to go up or down, and the thickness of ring as well as the structure. For example, platinum rings are the most expensive to size because platinum is the is the most expense metal and therefore more platinum is needed. White, yellow, and rose gold are second in line, followed by sterling silver. 

When there are diamonds or gemstones set into the ring, you can normally go up or down one size with no problem. In most cases, going up more than one size is usually not recommended as it will be hazardous to the structure of the setting. 

Rings that CANNOT be sized:

Eternity Bands

Eternity rings have diamonds or gemstones the whole way around the band and are normally custom made in the size from the start. If you try to adjust the size, you may have to break the endless pattern, which defeats the purpose of an eternity band. If the ring needs to go up slightly, in some cases, the jeweler can rim a little metal out of the center of the ring. If the ring needs to go down a little, small sizing beads might be suggested. 

Tension Set Rings

These rings have stones that are held in by pressure, so if you try to size these, the structural strength that holds the stones will be compromised.


These are rings passed down from generation to generation. Overtime with decades of wear, the metal can wear down making the ring very fragile. Most jewelers will not touch a ring like this because they do not want to be liable if anything happens nor is there much they can work with or do.

Alternative Metals

These are very popular for men's style rings and can consist of stainless steel, tungsten, cobalt, titanium, and the list goes on. There are many benefits to these types of rings. They are extremely durable, scratch resistant and recommend for those hard with their hands. Because they are so hard, they are unable to be cut, sized, or have any other maintenance done to them. They are normally custom made in the size.

The Process 

There are a few ways a ring can be sized. For instance, some bands can be

easily stretched up or squished down slightly using a ring stretcher. The jeweler can also cut the ring at the bottom, then add or remove metal to bring the ring up or down to the size needed, and then solder the pieces together.

In some instances, if the band has soft or delicate gemstones, they may need to be removed and then reset after the band has been sized. 

- Soldered Rings

Another thing to consider, is if the rings are soldered together. If you have multiple rings soldered together, each ring needs to be unsoldered, sized, then resoldered together. This could also bring up the cost of the sizing and will not be considered just one ring. 

- Multiple Sizings 

You cannot size rings indefinitely. Rings should only be sized a few times in the lifetime of the ring. Multiple sizing can destroy the integrity of the ring and cause structural issues.

Many don't realize that each sizing is done by hand by Expert Bench Jewelers. It takes a lot of skill, precision, and labor to deconstruct and reconstruct a ring to look the same, just a size difference.

Next, our ring sizing guide will go over what rings may not be suited as well for a resizing.

Remember, every ring is different. Depending on variables above, will depend on if a ring can be sized. Hopefully our ring sizing guide helped, but if you have any additional questions, or need your Steven Singer Jewelers ring sized, we're here to help!

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