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What’s the difference between Anita and Get Naked Diamond Studs?

Having a hard time telling the difference between Steven Singer's Anita and Get Naked diamond stud earrings? Don't worry! We're here to break it down for you! 

Differences between our Anita studs and get naked diamond studs.
Our stunning Anita diamond studs.
Our glistening get naked diamond studs.

Get Naked Stud Collection

Our Get Naked collection is set in a three-prong style. This setting is also referred to as a martini setting, as it mimics the shape of a martini glass. A three-prong setting has less metal therefore shows off more of the diamond and makes the diamond appear larger in the ear.  

The quality of our Get Naked Studs is top notch as well, with a step up in color compared to our Anita. They are all graded I in clarity, and are not tiered like our Anita Collection. Yes, they are also a classic round brilliant cut! At Steven Singer we want all our diamonds to sparkle as much as possible! 

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A diamond clarity and color scale.

Lifetime Upgrade

A perk that comes with buying our studs is both collections are part of our life-time trade in program! 

It's tempting to get 1 carat studs right away, but sometimes making that leap can be a big decision! Don't worry, Steven's Lifetime Upgrade Program allows you to start off with any sized pair and upgrade over time. Your original studs will retain their full value, which will be applied to your purchase of a larger pair of studs. You can read our full upgrade policy here!

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